CuSeeme Vs. 8?

Mark Maltby (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 09:07:35 -0800


My apologies for what may be a basic question, or maybe even one you hear
every week but I am new to the list. Please bear with and then I will fade
back into lurkland.

I have a PowerMac 7100/80av. I had a version of CU-SeeMe that was 8 not 7.
I had it working on my computer and then it stopped working and told me it
couldn't find "floating point co-processor", would crash and then I'd have
to restart. Well I dumped the version 8 and went back and got the vs. 7.

Question is does abyone know where/how I got the vs. 8 & why it crashed?

The reason I want the version 8 is when you brought up the screen you had a
choice of "video" along with "picture, compression, audio and

Thanks and good day,