Re: Reflector question....

Richard Collins (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 18:08:58 -0230

I believe what you saw as Creative Labs: Sharevision 3000??? If so it
is a dedicated modem package (the modem is in there too). It works well
but, at this point, I doubt it will be incorporated into CUSeeme
reflectors. If it did I'd have a lot more fun with the two we own!

On Sun, 23 Jul 1995 wrote:

> Can I use just any PC based teleconfrencing software & send & receive on a
> reflector? I saw a $1300 box of hardware & software at Comp USA thats color
> camera, audio card, video card, and multiwindowed software (lets you see talk
> to and white board kinda thing with another site all at once) Will this box
> of stuff work on a reflector???
> Mike-