Re: Reflector question....

Roger Lee Boston (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 17:28:23 -0500 (CDT)

I have three of those units at Houston Community College System, and
called Ted Choy at Creative Labs recently to learn whether they planned
to interface this with the 'net. He said "no such plans on the horizon".
Too bad, it's a dream product.

However don't sell it short just vecause it is not internet ready - I
taught my Houston based classes a couple weeks ago from a cabin in the New
Mexico Rockies via Sharevision .. 100 feet from the Red River to a 50
inch display back in Texas and a room full of people. At 21,600 baud.
A nice "vacation" yet I was present for duty in Houston! courtesy my
28.8 fax/modem.

Once we get a little further along with software like CuSeeMe and Vidcall
and a good wireless 'net connection I might never see a classroom again! By
the way Sharevison gives full duplex sound, a white board, and at speeds
even as slow as 9600 I can still gett one whole frame per second in color
(much faster video above 21,600) while the white board and sound seem quite
unaffected by the slow baud rate .. that's cell phone speeds folks!.

Roger Boston
Houston Community College System, Distance Learning

On Sun, 23 Jul 1995, Richard Collins wrote:

> I believe what you saw as Creative Labs: Sharevision 3000??? If so it
> is a dedicated modem package (the modem is in there too). It works well
> but, at this point, I doubt it will be incorporated into CUSeeme
> reflectors. If it did I'd have a lot more fun with the two we own!
> On Sun, 23 Jul 1995 wrote:
> > Can I use just any PC based teleconfrencing software & send & receive on a
> > reflector? I saw a $1300 box of hardware & software at Comp USA thats color
> > camera, audio card, video card, and multiwindowed software (lets you see talk
> > to and white board kinda thing with another site all at once) Will this box
> > of stuff work on a reflector???
> > Mike-
> >