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Sun, 23 Jul 1995 22:06:27 -0700

>KSJS is where? With what organization are you affiliated? (I don't mean
>to be an interrogator, I'm just curious--and I am extremely interested in
>and supportive of what you are doing.)

Great! We are at San Jose State University, and doing research with
broadcast digital audio and digital video. We are keen on the philosophy of
internet broadcast, and want to develop a system that conforms to the world
outside of academia, since many of our students move up into the major
networks after their studies here.
>Incidentally, if you are a commercial station, you should be very careful
>about copyrights.

We are very interested in the question of copyrights, and at this moment we
are putting together a segment of our weekly technology show "Sound Bytes"
featuring internet broadcast, the rules of the road, copyright issues, etc.
We are currently looking for a legal guest who is hep to the internet and
law. If you plan to be in the Bay Area in August, or if you have a Bay Area
based comrade, let us know!

>I am an attorney in Washington, D.C. (pre-empting your
>inevitable response--"Who is 'Bob Hill'") and recently moderated a panel
>discussion on the copyright implications of radio over the Internet.
>Let me know if you have any specific questions with respect to which I
>might be of help.
>--Bob Hill

Thanks for the input! We will pass along information we can gain along our

Since this is sent out to the CU-SeeMe community, anyone interested in
being a "legal guest" or a "technology guru," on our show, drop us a note!

Thanks again

daniel fortune