News about gethostname() error.

CUSeeMe Info (
Mon, 24 Jul 95 09:53:14 +0200

I tried to solve the gethostname() error when I saw this error on my
application program.
So first I edit "hosts" file, usually located in the Trumpet directory,
adding my hostname with my IP address, but this operation don't erase the
error. Then I saw that my name server IP address was bud, so setting the
right IP address the error disappear. I made some experiments to know if the
name server was the origin of the error, and I think so.
I don't think that this is the solution in any case, because in every case
we need to know the particular situation and the configuration of the
network. However, usually if we have connected on a LAN and a leased line
with our service provider we can ask our network manager the right IP
address of our nameserver, if we have telephone line as link, we must ask
the service provider's staff the IP address of the name server we use.
I solve my problem in this way, and I don't know other causes of the
gethostname() error.
I think that if you have set the right IP address and your hostname is
registered in your name server, there is no new error.

If the error remain I should like to solve your problem together, if we have
deleted the problem, I am very happy to have notices.

Best regards Fabio