Reflector on a Mac running Apple Unix?

Brendon Macaraeg (bqm1808@is.NYU.EDU)
Mon, 24 Jul 95 14:48:45 -0400

Hi folks:

I been assigned by the company I'm working for this summer
to look into setting up a reflector site...minimum requirements
for a Unix server, taxing on system resources (e.g., if we
have a T1, how many users can connect to the reflector
simulatneously, and how that affects the number
of users connecting to our Web server, which may be
on the same UNIX box).

One question: will the reflector software work on
a PowerMac running some type of UNIX software?

If you could please respond directly to me
and cc: the mailing list I'd appreciate it.


Brendon Macaraeg