Reflector: Kbps for video stream and number of?

Brendon Macaraeg (bqm1808@is.NYU.EDU)
Tue, 25 Jul 95 12:56:45 -0400

Hi folks:

I'm new to this reflector stuff...I've gotten the reflector software
for IRIX....

We have a T1 to an Internet Service Provider.
We are a commercial firm that would like
to perhaps use CUSeeMe to transmit
live or perhaps pre-recorded events.

After reading the README that comes with the reflector
software, I see that we can limit the number of
users connecting to our reflector and also
allow no one to use our reflector to transmit
their own video (e.g. a one-to-many model).

The README and conf file has references to linking
relfectors by specifying IP addresses of the separate
relfectors..can one infer from this that we
could conceivably have more than 40 users
hook into our video stream/broadcast by linking
two or more reflectors?

Also, what is the max Kbps that we can
send our video out at..not that we want
to bog the net down, but if we had
say, 40 users connecting, what is
a rate to send at that would assure a good image
and audio?

Also, for multicast: how hard is it to set up?

We're thinking along the lines of the House of Blues
broadcasts that occured a while back (if anyone
out there reading this had something to do with
setting that relfector up, I'd love to hear
from you and your experiences with setting that
gig up).


Brendon Macaraeg