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Tue, 25 Jul 1995 20:03:10 -0700

>Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 11:21:52 -0700
>From: (AliceM)
>Message-ID: <>
>Have any of the pc users tried the Snappy parallel port video capture device
>with cuseeme (or vidcall)? I called Snappy's tech support and they were
>unable to assist me as they have never heard of cuseeme. More information
>about Snappy can be found at their homepage,
>All information appreciated as I am at a dead end.

1. I don't think it supports 8-bit palletized format - it's strictly 24-bit.

2. There is no Video for Windows capture driver, a requirement.

3. (2) is probably because... it takes several MINUTES to acquire an image
from SNAPPY. (The name is somewhat of a misnomer.) <significant
understandment mode: ON> This results in a non-optimal frame rate for
video conferencing.
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