Joost metten (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 10:55:22 +0200

I am a newcomer to the list and to CU-SEEME and I got a couple of burning
questions. I bought a MIRO DC1 card but in now way i can't get it working in
windows 95, is there someone out there who knows how to get it running ?, or
are there windows95 drivers (beta ?). Does MIRO gor a Internet site and if
they does what's the adress ?

I read that the MIRO DC1 does not work with CU-SEEME, is this true, and is
there an upcoming solutions to this problem ??

I know some of this questions maybe don't belong in this list, but it's the
only way of help I could think of.

Thanks in advance

Joost Metten
The Netherlands