QuickCam Mic Support Update

Bill Ryan (bryan@wpine.com)
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 14:59:37 -0800

>>I'm using CU See Me and am wondering about audio. Do I use the microphone
>>built into the QuickCam or do I use my Mac's microphone? I'm using a
>>PowerMac 6100/60.
>I have a Performa 6115 CD and sound over any modem (<=28.8k) now is futile.
>If you have anything faster, I have found that if you set the QC mic as
>active and talk through the Mac's mic it works. Sounds confusing, but it
>worked. I saw it!

Here's the scoop.

Current public versions of CU-SeeMe/Mac do not support internal QuickCam Mic.
If you have both a Apple Mic and QuickCam Mic attached, it's using the
Apple Mic no matter what you've selected in your sound control panel.

The problem has been resolved (thanks go to Larry at Cornell) and will be
available soon. I believe it will also require a new QuickCam Mic driver as

Stay tuned.


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