SLIP vs. PPP for PC

Guy J Alvis (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:51:09 -0700

Is there any advantage to PPP over SLIP for Win CU-SeeMe?

My configuration:

Computer Model/Name/Speed : Pentium/60 w/ 8M RAM
Operating System (version) : Dos 6.2 w/ Windows 3.1
Make/Model/ of video card : N/A
Make/Model/ of audio card : Sound Blaster 16
Make/Model/ of camera : N/A
Make/Model/ of microphone : N/A
Version of CU-SeeMe used : W0.65b2
Name/Version of TCP/IP Driver : Trumpet Winsock 2.0 Revision A
Type of Internet connection : SLIP/ 28.8K

My Problems:

Program Start-up : OK
Connect to Reflector : OK; NYSERNET seems to perform better than cornell
Video Send : N/A
Video Receive : typical: 0 fps and 04K;
best so far: 15 fps @ 27k (from pretty "nantucket")
Audio Send : N/A
Audio Receive : From occasional burps to "almost intelligible"

Bug Report:

CUSeeMe caused GPF in CUSeeMe.exe @ 0002:6DF7
CUSeeMe caused GPF in Winsock.dll @ 0008:19EF