Reflector permission needed!!

Jon Pike (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 18:37:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all!
I am coordinating a videoconferencing event at a convention locally. We
will have a teleoperation/VR display known as the LTM-1. It's a model
Lunar rover, that drives across a model Moon. Normal operation is via a
dial up modem and special software. You drive it with your arrow keys
and watch the video.

For the event, the entire LTM-1 will be transported to the site,
where people can wear a head mounted display, use data gloves, watch
others driving. I also am setting up for a CU-SeeMe link out to share
the event with the Net. Should be much fun!

I have just about everything, except for a reflector.. would
anyone be willing to have their reflector host this event? We WILL
mention your name with all the other businesses that provided the other
pieces for this project. (Pac Bell, ISDN.. Helfrich co, Ascend 50's, etc...)

We will have a fast (ISDN) connection, but I dont think we will
have a HUGE online crowd.. Please let me know, since the convention starts
THIS FRIDAY!!!! (July 28th!)

Thanks much.. and I'll publish our IP address soon...

Jon Pike