Miro D1 vidio card help...

Jon Pike (jonpike@neptune.net)
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 18:49:32 -0700 (PDT)

Anyone out there using a Miro D1?
I got one as a demo, for my convention event. It sorta works..
I'm told that they dont really, and I'm doing good to have it working at
What I see, is my local vidio window looking apparently like it
is 16 levels of grey, as opposed to 256. (I'm not sure that isnt the way
it's supposed to be!) I wasnt allways sending, when I expected to, (by
the modem txd light) and I dont see my self in the "senders" list when I
am. (or in Lurkers when I'm not)

Forgive me if these are all newbie misunderstandings.. I have
serious time pressure, and am a little frantic.

A little more tech info.. the Miro seems to use the Vid for Win
interface, though it has its own driver.. has no frame rate control (do I
need that?). Their applications control the driver's frame rate, rather
than set it, if I understand them OK.

Thanks for any info!!