Re: Help !! CUSM install is b...
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 23:34:47 -0400

> I followed the windows install directions for CUSM except I accidentally
> the "CTL3D.dll" file in the Windows\System folder ALONG WITH the
> "CTL3DV2.dll" file that WAS ALREADY in my windows for workgroups (latest
> version 3.11 ?), so they were both together in there..... (Oh no!!!!)
> When I finally removed the "CTL3D.dll" that was part of the downloaded CUSM
> zip file from my Windows\System folder and tried to start CUSM it sez
> something like "CTL3D.dll is missing from folder" or something alot like
> that!!!! Obviously, I know where I stashed it however the instructions say
> not to replace the CTL3D__.dll file if you have one already, since I had
> already (CTL3DV2.dll) I assumed I didn't want them BOTH in there together,
> they'd kill one another!!! I hid the "CTL3D.dll" in another folder with my
> name on it so I wouldn't loose it until someone tells me what to do......
> HELP !!!!
> I have never had it working yet and dont understand whats happening or what
> the fix is- P-L-E-A-S-E H-E-L-P !!!!
> S-o-m-e-o-n-e a-n-y-o-n-e !!!!
> :)
> Mike-
>You need both files in the Windows/System Dir, I guess You had
>I hope you have a backup of the previous CTL3D.DLL; please >restore it;
>This version and the second file (CTL3DV2.DLL) were installed by a
>different application, I guess this application will not work without
>the restore.


?One - the original in there (windows\system) was the CTL3DV2.dll
the other CTL3D.dll was the one added by CUSM. durring install.

?The install instrustions say not to mix versions which I thought I would be
doing by putting them both in there. (I thought CTL3DV2.dll
might be Version #2 [since the only difference is the "V2" hence, I would be
mixing versions]?

? Also the instructions say NOT to put the CTL3.dll file in Windows\System if
another is there already, which it looks to me like I would be doing againts
their advice by putting both CTL3D.dll AND CTL3DV2.dll in there together?

WHAT SHOULD I DO ????????????