RE: New Connectix PC Camera

Barry L. Lankford (
Thu, 27 Jul 95 00:23:34 CDT

Ron Backman ( wrote:

>Being new to this group, please excuse me if this topic has already
>covered. Just point me in the right direction.
>Two days ago I called Connectix and was told that they are releaseing a
>version of their $100 camera for the PC. And that it would be using the
>"parallel" port on the PC. It's the same as the camera shipped for the Mac
>except with a different connector. Is anyone modifying a version of the
>PC CuSeeMe to talk on the parallel port? The fella I chatted with with
>quoted me a mid to late August ship date.
>I love the camera on my PPC, so it ought to do the trick on the PC.
>Any comments or on-going work taking place ragarding this?
>Ron Backman
>723100D (VisLab)
>Naval Air Warfare Center
>China Lake, CA 93555

I suspect you talked to a "marketing" type at Connectix. Since the camera
uses the serial port on the Mac and the parallel port on the MS-DOS boxes,
there has to be a certain amount of difference in the interface circuitry
of the two cameras. Parallel ports transfer data eight bits at a time using
a signal to the data receiver that indicates that data is available and a
signal to the data provider that indicates that the data has been read. The
serial port transfers data one bit at a time with a "start bit" to alert the
data receiver that the eight bits that follow are to be taken together as a
byte of data. Just changing the connector will not do it. There is also
the matter of driver software to be considered, which is not insignificant.
I am sure that Connectix would have already gotten the PC version out long
ago if it was just a matter of putting on a different connector. After all
they are doing this for the money, and unnecessarily delaying the
introduction of a new product isn't the way to make money.

I really hate marketing people who feel that they have to provide an answer
to any question regardless of whether they actually know anything about the
subject in question. Last I heard, the Connectix camera is supposed to be
available in August.

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