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Thu, 27 Jul 95 10:31:59 +0200

The Trumpet configuration is in the FILE/SETUP menu of the Tcpman.exe program.
The fields we see in this configuration window are: IP address (the IP
address of our PC), Netmask (the netmask of our local network), Name Server
( the Name Server IP address for our local network), Domain Suffix, Default
Gateway (the IP address of our default router) Time Server (unutilized).
When we use a dial up connection on telephone line, we must select the
Internal SLIP or Internal PPP option. With this action, the fields in use
are IP address, Name Server and Domain Suffix. If our server perform a
Dynamic IP address assignement we aren't able to set our IP address before
starting the connection, but we can do so for the other information as Name
Server and Domain Suffix. Infact we can request the information needed about
these fields to our Service Provider. The Service Provider must give this
basical informations to his clients. Well, in this way we can set the rigth
Name Server IP address in the form (where x is a number of
the range [0..254]) and the Domain Suffix, that is a name as , for example,
For the IP address the procedure is more complex in the case of Dynamic
assignement. When we use Trumpet to initialize a dial up connection, we are
able to perform Manual Login from Dialler menu or Login from the same menu
that perform an automatic action. This option utilize a file, usually named
login.cmd, that contain the instruction we use in the Manual login action.
In the Trumpet directory there is a copy of this file that can be modified
with our personal configuration as telephone number of our Service Provider,
our login and our password. In this file can be used a particular statement,
named "address", that automatically set the IP address assigned from the
server to our Winsock. For more information it is possible to see the
Trumpet documentation that explain the utilization of this file. For me, is
very difficult to help you more, because I don't know your configuration.
Anyway, I shall give you new information in the future, if you need.

Hoping to help you Fabio