Re: hang ups

Jan Engvald LDC (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 12:59:17 +0200

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, Streaker wrote:

> I have been experimenting with PC.CUSEEME v65b for a couple of weeks now and
> have had consistant hang up problems with my PPP provider. After only a
> couple of minutes my modem drops its connection. I am using Trumpet Winsock
> 2.0b. Is there any way to rectify this problem? My modem is a Viva
> Internal 14.4K Fax modem. Everything else works fine. Only when I logo
> onto a reflector site does this happen. (Have not tried one-on-one). My
> internet provider is not all too familiar with CUSEEME to give me any
> suggestions.
> Any advise would be appreciated.
> Mike

When you connect to a reflector, most of the traffic there is adapted
for LAN usage, i e ca 80 kb/s for each CU-SeeMe source. Pouring this
traffic into a 14400 modem link won't go. The result is that at the
remote access server the packets are queued up. However, the traffic
continues to arrive, so the queues grow bigger and bigger. Many servers
will disconnect when the queues are too big, other just drop packets.

When the new 4.xx reflector version is used, it should stop sending
before the queues are too big (hope it works) and you should not be
disconnected. Of course, you will still miss most of what is sent
from the source.

The only case where you can get reasonable CU-SeeMe connection whith
a 14400 modem is if the source has set his min-CAP really low (1 kb/s),
the audio to 16 kb/s delta mod (and/or use only short periods of audio with
pauses in between), and you only watch this session (close all other
windows, stop audio from them first). This should work point-to-point
or via a reflector.

Using a 28800 bps modem will be a lot better, but of course it will not
be good enough for a 80 kbps source. Our reflector
( is a suitable source to test the quality of such a connection
(if you don't understand what is said, it may be because it is in swedish).
If you close the video window but keep the audio, it should arrive without
interruptions. Watching also the video, there will be some interruptions
in the audio, but you can most often hear a lot.

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