Re: (Copy) jump starting audio playback

Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 14:48:56 +0000

>Subject: jump starting audio playback
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>I have been using CU-SeeMe(WO.65b2) for the PC for awhile with a direct
>internet connection and the audio works great, when it works. If I hook up
>to a reflector that I know is pumping out continuous audio and video the
>audio will eventually come on after some magical time interval. The video
>plays from startup with no time lag. I have read here that it takes an
>interruption in the stream to start the audio.
>Does anybody have a way to "jump start" the audio to force it to play if
>there is a stream?
>Christopher F. Yagmin
Here I have the same probleme; a 'jump start' may be, if you connect to
the reflector from a 'non PC box'(a second session). I tested this from a
Unix-box via unicast VAT. Perhaps try to make up a second session via a Mac
(if you have a Mac box) to the reflector; if this 'start help' works let me