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Abir Majid (abir@jal.cc.il.us)
Thu, 27 Jul 95 16:28:07 0600


I've been very sucessful connecting through CU-Seeme to Mac computers of
the AV type (some PPC and some Quadra). I use a mac ppc 6100/60 (no AV
and without a camera). However, everytime we tried connecting non-AV
Macs to each other, we only hear a beep on the computers beeing
connected to, and the commputer trying to connect gets the message "
connection refused by ..." . All of these computers are PPC models
running system 7.5, using the mic which came with the AV models. They
can all individually connect to other AV models but not to each other
(non -AV).
All are on Cat5 twisted pair ethernet, using mactcp 2.06.

Appreciate any suggestions

Abir Majid