RE: New Connectix PC Camera

Ron Backman (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 09:27:43 -0800

>I suspect you talked to a "marketing" type at Connectix. Since the camera
>uses the serial port on the Mac and the parallel port on the MS-DOS boxes,
>there has to be a certain amount of difference in the interface circuitry
>of the two cameras.

Yes, I agree there must be different drivers to handle the parallel port.
The question is can I simply switch drivers and yet use the same CuSeeMe
app? Or do I need a modified version of CuSeeMe? In other words are the
device drivers seperate from the application in the Windows world? I'm a
Mac weenie, so I get lost in the Windows stuff.

And I agree that I have also heard a Aug 95 release date as well.

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