Re: hang ups

Gurbir Singh (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 15:46:48 +0000

Hi Mike,

As already suggested in other postings, try upgrading your windows comms driver. Check
the date and size of the current 'comm.drv' in \windows\system

If it is 9,280 bytes and dated 10/3/92 (10th of March) then it driver
update would be worth while. One which I have tried is wfxcomm.drv
(9,488 bytes 17/4/93)from Delrina. You could located it elsewhere but I got a copy from
Imperial College London /computing/systems/ibmpc/windows3/misc/

The file unzips to .drv and a .txt. The text file contains the
instructions. Only useful if you have a 16550 Uart serial chip.

Hope this helps


> I have been experimenting with PC.CUSEEME v65b for a couple of weeks now and
> have had consistant hang up problems with my PPP provider. After only a
> couple of minutes my modem drops its connection. I am using Trumpet Winsock
> 2.0b. Is there any way to rectify this problem? My modem is a Viva
> Internal 14.4K Fax modem. Everything else works fine. Only when I logo
> onto a reflector site does this happen. (Have not tried one-on-one). My
> internet provider is not all too familiar with CUSEEME to give me any
> suggestions.
> Any advise would be appreciated.
> Mike
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