Warning: Video Blaster SE100 and EduQuest

Marsha Looper (malooper@csn.net)
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 15:19:17 -0600


The video capture card Video Blaster SE100 produced by Creative
Labs _does_not_work_ with the IBM EduQuest models 40, 45, and 55.
AFter spending several days with tech support of IBM and Creative Labs,
decided that the built-in video card's drivers are not supported
by the SE100.

The video capture card Computer Eyes/1024 from Digital Vision
works very well with IBM EduQuest models 40, 45, and 55. Digital
Vision also has a tech who knows CU-SeeMe v0.65b1.

CU-SeeMe v0.65b2 also works great with Computer Eyes.

Christopher Bozeman
Computing Solutions Group, Inc.