Volunteers to set up Singapore NDP 95 reflector sites??

CU-SeeMe Postbox (cuseeme@pluto.cc.nus.sg)
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 15:27:53 +0800 (WST)

Singapore National Day Parade (NDP) '95 Internet Broadcast

Singapore will be celebrating its 30th National Day on 9 August 1995. This
year is going to be a special one because many exciting performances and
programmes are being lined up from 5pm to 8pm at The Padang, outside the
City Hall. Besides the usual live-televised of the event nationwide this
year, we will also be broadcasting it on the Internet through MBONE and
making use of CU-SEEME (for PC and Mac).
Look to our web page http://www.nus.sg/NDP30.html for more details.

The National University of Singapore and Television Corporation
of Singapore (TCS) is presently organizing this project.
We are already in the progress of setting up mirror (reflector) sites in
UK and Australia for the CU-SEEME broadcast. We thank these people who
volunteered to join hands with us in this event.

** ** ** **
We hope to get more parties who are interested to setup mirror reflector
sites in the rest of of the world, especially in countries like the US,
Canada and Australia, to join in our effort to make better use of network
bandwidth and reduce congestion during the broadcast. We greatly
appreciate help from volunteers in these areas and it would be very nice
to let us know by email at ndp95@irdu.nus.sg as soon as possible. We
would be very willing to give advice or help to help you set up the
reflector on your side.

Singaporean studying or working in the US/Canada who are keen on viewing
the NDP on the Internet can also contribute in some ways by approachig
their institution/university/organization to participate in the
reflector site scheme. In this way, you will be able to enjoy better
transmission of the broadcast.
** ** ** **

NDP '95 Internet Broadcast Project
Mr. Ravi Chandran, (cceravi@nus.sg)
National University of Singapore