Re: point-to-point conferencing

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 09:59:50 +0200

>I realize that most folks want to get onto a reflector and video
conference. But
>what is the procedure for running a point-to-point (person to person)
>connection? Does one site or the other have to have a "private" reflector, or
>can I use the person's address, like ""
As Paul Ruscher <> wrote, you need the IP number. That
means that if you wanted to connect to me, you would not select (my mail address), but which is the
computer I use. The network will look up that this is IP number
which is what it really needs. This is just an example, I don't keep
CU-SeeMe running the whole time. Not all users know the IP of their machine,
there are various ways of finding it, depending on the software you have
available. I have a Trumpet Winsock, which makes it easy, you double click
on the icon and amongst all the other info is: My IP =
Having said all this, this is just the theory. The latest PC CU-SeeMe will
not work point to point through our ethernet. The calling computer says "no
response" although the called computer says that it has connected.
Hope that helps
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