Re: help needed on point-to-point connection

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 12:31:14 +0200

>I thought the documentation for CU-SEEME identified that I could connect to
>another person running CU-SEEME directly (i.e. not a reflector connection),
>but now I'm not so sure. My understanding was that all that was required
>was to fire up CU-SEEME and using the "CONNECT" command, type in the IP of
>the machine I wanted to talk to and presto -- a connection would be made.
>I tried this with a friend at another site last night, and it didn't work
>-- we both received "No response from..." messages.
>Here is a description of our respective setups:
>computer Mac LC475 Mac Power PC
>modem Supra 14.4LC Zoom 14.4
>system 7.5.1 7.1
>protocol TCP/PPP dialin TCP/PPP dialin
>video cam connectix quick cam connectix quick cam
>Why does it not work?
>1. Does point-to-point connection only work if you are directly connected
>to the net (i.e. dial-up modem access doesn't cut it?)

ans: it should work, but there can be problems.

>2. Am I getting my IP address wrong, or her IP address wrong,

ans: I think so. Your IP address is not the address of your server
(normally). At a guess is a super-mini which acts as your
gateway. Its IP is only useful if you want to use CU-SeeMe with the system
manager of that machine.

> and perhaps
>more to the point, how do I make sure I've got her correct IP address and
>that she's got mine.
ans: It depends on the software you are both using. As I wrote to
I have a Trumpet Winsock, which makes it easy, you double click on the icon
and amongst all the other info is: My IP =
If you have some other type of Winsock and driver, you will need to write to
the list and see if someone knows it. Or, you could ask the supplier of the
software and link. Note that as you are dialup you may (or may not) get a
different IP every sesion.
Once again:
Having said all this, this is just the theory. The latest PC CU-SeeMe will
not work point to point through our ethernet. The calling computer says "no
response" although the called computer says that it has connected.
Hope that helps

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