Re: point-to-point conferencing

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 17:23:56 +0200

>I was attempting to use CU last night, also using Trumpet Winsock. I have
>checked my IP number several times. It appears that the last digits are
>different from time to time, which does not make sense if this is supposed
>to be a permanent address so that e-mail etc can find me.

The e-mail does not come to your PC it goes to a server and then you request
it. eg. mail to me goes to a server, I
later request it from, but I could equally well use any
computer on the Internet. If your Internet provider has, say, only 256 IP
numbers eg. to then they could only have 256 customers if
they gave them each their own number. If they only have 200 modem lines, or
16 (2?) they can assign a number to each of the lines and perhapse call them to And then sign up

>I was however able
>to get both a sender and receiver windo opened with the same real time
>images in each window, by connecting to my own IP address that winsock
>showed on logging in.
>QUESTION - Do you know if I was actually receiving my own signal back
>through my pc, of was I actually receiving it back through the net?
No, you are not sending into the net and receiving it back. I am not sure
where in the Winsock, TCP, Driver chain the echo comes from, I suspect the
winsock. I use Trumpet with a serial port packet driver to demonstrate
Internet software on a stand alone PC. It is rather like in a cartoon film,
when characters walk off a cliff and don't fall untill they notice they are
in thin air. The server and client run perfectly as long as niether actually
need anything from the Internet. If they do then it is sad, because there is
only a mouse on the com port.
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