Re: CU-SEEME for NeXT Step?

Jim Kieley (
Sat, 29 Jul 95 07:35:53 +0900 wrote,

> Has anyone ported CU-SEEME (Client not reflector) to NeXT?
> Thanks,

It's only available for Macs and PC (Windowsish) environments. There is no
UNIX variant of any type. I have been looking for a port of NV to NeXTstep
which would at least allow us to receive cuSeeme through a properly configured
reflector (I think).


I downloaded the 4.0 reflector for NeXTstep 3.2 and it seems to only work on
NeXT (Motorola) hardware. Would White Pine consider compiling FAT, so it can be
used on other NeXTstep platforms? Also, doesn't NeXTstep 3.3 have kernel
support for multicasting? Can it be compiled to support multicasting?

Jim Kieley
Miyazaki International College