Thanks, but more help needed.

Hugo Jackson (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 23:23:24 -0800


I wrote recently looking for help in getting a point-to-point connection
running. Thanks for all your help and advice. The problem, as many of you
suggested, was in getting the IP address right.
provided the trick to make things work (as both my friend and I are
assigned IP's that can change from each log-on). This is the procedure I

1. dial in to my server
2. run CU-SeeMe and using the CONFERENCE/CONNECT TO/SELF menu
selection, get my current IP number.
3. call my friend and tell her my IP number.
4. wait for her to connect with me.


1. The talk window does not provide reliable 2-way chat. I can always see
what she types to me, but she can not always see what I type to her.
The only thing that seems to work is for me to disconnect, quit out
of CU-SeeMe, restart CU-SeeMe and then wait for her to re-connect
with me.
This is the current hypothesis, but we haven't tried it enough times
to be absolutely sure that this is a reliable way to initiate 2-way
chat. However it seems to be the likely candidate due to the following
behaviour I have noticed in CU-SeeMe:

a) I am connected to a reflector
b) I disconnect from that reflector
c) I attempt to connect to another reflector -- but I am always
reconnected to the reflector I disconnected from when the
dialog box for the new reflector appears.
d) the only way to clear this condition (and it doesn't ALWAYS work)
is to quit out of CU-SeeMe and then try the connection to
the new reflector.

I presume then that CU-SeeMe isn't succesful in re-initializing itself
after a session and that is the problem I have when attempting
to initiate 2-way chat with the one-on-one connection.

Am I smoking something weird, or does anyone have any advice or suggestions
on why I'm having trouble getting 2-way chat to work?

Thanks again for your advice on just getting the point-to-point video working.


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