Re: Thanks, but more help needed.

Alex Watson (
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 00:03:49 -0500 (CDT)

I have noticed that with many winsock custom controls (which I am
assuming CU-SEEME uses the WINSOCK.DLL) reconnects after a disconnect. We
have been working with a number of winsock applications that have a similar
problem, but havent found a reliable .DLL or .VBX to solve the problem.
Is it possible that when the next version of WINSOCK.DLL might solve the
problem, or am I off base?
On Fri, 28 Jul 1995, Hugo Jackson wrote:

> I wrote recently looking for help in getting a point-to-point connection
> running. Thanks for all your help and advice. The problem, as many of you
> suggested, was in getting the IP address right.
> provided the trick to make things work (as both my friend and I are
> assigned IP's that can change from each log-on). This is the procedure I
> use:
> 1. dial in to my server
> 2. run CU-SeeMe and using the CONFERENCE/CONNECT TO/SELF menu
> selection, get my current IP number.
> 3. call my friend and tell her my IP number.
> 4. wait for her to connect with me.
> 1. The talk window does not provide reliable 2-way chat. I can always see
> what she types to me, but she can not always see what I type to her.
> The only thing that seems to work is for me to disconnect, quit out
> of CU-SeeMe, restart CU-SeeMe and then wait for her to re-connect
> with me.
> This is the current hypothesis, but we haven't tried it enough times
> to be absolutely sure that this is a reliable way to initiate 2-way
> chat. However it seems to be the likely candidate due to the following
> behaviour I have noticed in CU-SeeMe:
> a) I am connected to a reflector
> b) I disconnect from that reflector
> c) I attempt to connect to another reflector -- but I am always
> reconnected to the reflector I disconnected from when the
> dialog box for the new reflector appears.
> d) the only way to clear this condition (and it doesn't ALWAYS work)
> is to quit out of CU-SeeMe and then try the connection to
> the new reflector.
> I presume then that CU-SeeMe isn't succesful in re-initializing itself
> after a session and that is the problem I have when attempting
> to initiate 2-way chat with the one-on-one connection.
> Am I smoking something weird, or does anyone have any advice or suggestions
> on why I'm having trouble getting 2-way chat to work?
> Thanks again for your advice on just getting the point-to-point video working.
> hugo
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