Further on Cu-SeeMe W0.65b2 Sound

Tom Prugh (taprugh@cpcug.org)
Sun, 30 Jul 95 10:34:32 EDT

Based on (1) my experience with W0.65b2 and a 28800 modem (which normally
connects at no better than 21600), (2) other experiences reported on this
list and (3) the comments by Jan Engvald LDC that even the 16 kbs delta mod
of Cu-SeeMe ends up at 21-22 kbps, it is not surprising that we are having
difficulty getting good audio with the Windows version of Cu-SeeMe.

Is there any effort to achieve an alternative lower rate, lower quality audio
similar to the Internet Phone which operates at 7.7 kbps?

One option I have used is to operate both Cu-SeeMe and Internet Phone
simultaneously as they seem compatible with each other.

Tom Prugh
Capital PC Users Group