Re: CUSeeMe crashes!

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 00:47:01 -0700

At 8:34 7/29/95, Joyce Y. Wong wrote:
>I am having problems with running CUSeeMe on a MacIIci and LC475.
>I am trying to connect with some friends of mine who are running on Mac
>IIci and LC475. I have no problem, but when they try to open the
>application CUSeeMe, in the case of the LC475 it freezes up and needs to
>be restarted, and with the IIci, it says Bad Fline error or something
>like that.

A bad f-line instruction error suggests that (a) you've got some extention
seriously conflicting with CU-SeeMe, (b) your PRAM is schrod and you need
to zap it upon startup, or (c) you've got a corrupted MacOS and need to
re-install it.

>Has anyone had this problem??? We are running the latest
>version 0.80b2 -- does it matter that the program was once opened on my
>machine first so the preferences were set for my machine? I copied the
>program for them on disk...

Doesn't matter.

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