Re: (Copy) Re: Problem getting Audio

Karl-Heinz Gasper (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 12:35:40 +0000

>At 12:38 29-07-95 -0400, David A. Allie wrote:
>>I'm using the Windows version W0.65b2 of CU-SeeMe and while I can get video
>>OK, I can't seem to get any audio. I've tried a lot of sites, particularly
>>those at NASA which do transmit sound, but no luck. Does anyone have any
>>David Allie, Phoenix Systems
>What is your Internet connection?
>If there is not enough capacity for audio, the reflector shuts it off. So
>Ian e-Mail
Shortage of bandwidth may be one reason of no sound; but another reason
is a bug in Windows CuSeeMe. I experienced the following: Simulaneously
I connected to a sound reflector from a Mac- a Unix- (via VAT) and a PC-box.
Sound I got immediately from the Mac- and Unix-box but the Windows CuSeeMe
reaction was only the video part of the connection and no sound! This cannot
be explained by shortage of bandwidth. I think, the priority has to be
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