Re: ISDN & CuSeeMe

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 11:41:16 -0700

At 2:57 7/7/95, John Carey wrote:

>I have ISDN service in my home and I can tell you that first of all, the
>service that PacBell has isn't full 128k, it is 112k and secondly, despite
>what your local service provider says, I have gotten frame rates as high as
>10fps when connecting to my office (which has DS1).
>I get reasonable quality audio under those circumstances as well.

I must echo what John said, with a few additions.

I too have Pac Bell's ISDN (2 bearer channels == 112 kbps). However, I and
my ISP coordinated this whole thing, so we have Combinet Everyware 2060
"SOHO" boxen which, when using the default Combinet Proprietary Protocol
(CPP) instead of SLIP or PPP, does up to 4x compression on the data. While
we haven't tested the throughput yet (it's only been a week), I have enough
bandwidth to simultaneously see seven video streams and the occasional

Because of a latency problem I've uncovered two hops upstream the audio is
choppy, but I'm working with my ISP's ISP to fix that.

I can heartily recommend the Combinet boxen. The only thing they don't
have is a bank of LEDs that show the thruput (like VU meters on my stereo).

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