Glenn Silverberg (glennsil@ultranet.com)
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 15:21:42 +0000

I like a lot of people have been trying to logoff CU-SEEME for a few
weeks now.

I am not an idiot and I know you can't unsubscribe from this by
sending mail to the list.

I have sent mail to the listerver (listproc@cornell.edu) with no
header and no signature and only, "unsubscribe CU-SEEME-L", in the
body of the letter.

I got a reply back saying "I wasn't on the list".

I also recieve mail at "glennsil@wa1oaj-3.ultranet.com", so I sent
the request again with that as my return address..... same results.

I looked at the (long) headers in the mail I get from CU-SEEME and
see that cornell the mail to me 1st goes to ftp.ultra.net.com (I have
a pop mailbox). I tried "that" as a reply address but never got an
answer at all.

I have read all the postings on "how to unsubscribe from the list"
going back many weeks. I can see nothing to try that I haven't done
so far.

below is the reply I just got from the server on my request to see
"which" mail lists it has me on.

I am on NONE.

but... I still keep getting all the cu-seeme mail.

Anyone who can help..... Please!

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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 14:32:37 EDT
Reply-to: listproc@cornell.edu
From: Cornell University Mailing List Server <listproc@cornell.edu>
To: glennsil@ultranet.com
Subject: WHICH

glennsil@ultranet.com: You are subscribed to the following lists; if
none appear, you are not subscribed to any:

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