What have I done wrong?

Mon, 31 Jul 95 15:44:16 PDT

I have been using Cu-Seeme for Windoze successfully for close to a year now with a
dialup PPP account. Just recently when trying to access a reflector (any reflector) I get
the "no response from xxxx" error message. This occurs on all reflectors including
Cornell and Nysernet. I can ping these reflectors so I know they're still out there.
All of my other internet clients are working properly and msvideo.dll and ctl3d.dll are
still in the \windows\system directory (and nowhere else).
I have even re-installed the software and started over with a "fresh" cuseeme.ini file
Still no help..... I'm running out of ideas....
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Miller
E-mail: smiller@onramp.net