Is anyone using Reveal TV500 for CU-SEEME?

Gregory (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:06:09 -0500 (CDT)

I am trying to get my TV500 video capture board to talk to my Stealth 64
vram (2mb) pci accelerator board, in order to transmit video via cu-seeme.

I suppose that before I spend too much time and/or effort, I should find
out whether or not this thing does cu-seeme in the first place.

I would be especially interested in hearing from anyone who has attempted to
configure the TV500 to operate with a vram pci accelerator card. In fact,
id love to hear from _anyone_ with an intelligent opinion of how to make
this set-up work. I have Twenty Nine days to make it run, or return it
and buy something that is more appropriate.

Any help, advice or kind words would be appreciated.