Re: Meat & Potatoes

Sean Foderaro (jkf@frisky.Franz.COM)
Mon, 31 Jul 95 21:52:34 -0700

At this point the leading contender for cheap video on a PC is
the Videologic Captivator (bought from Tiger Software). It's only
$100 (the same price as the Quickcam will be when released).
The Captivator works with Cu-Seeme and with the new PCI based pcs
(which some of the cards, like the Video Spigot, don't).

The downside of the Captivator (as compared to the Quickcam) is that
you'll need to supply a video camera. You've also got to install a
board so you can't easily move your capture device from machine to machine
like you can with the quickcam.

The upside is that it has applications beyond cu-seeme (it can
capture in color (up to 24 bit color)) either stills or movies,
from a camera or vcr. I'd guess that it can capture larger images
than the Quickcam and can capture at a faster rate.

The bottom line is that if you've got a camcorder lying around the house
then there is a cheap, reliable, cu-seeme PC video solution available
right now.