Re: CU-SeeMe for Windows v0.65a1

Wesley Stuart Jones (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 08:01:54 -0600 (CDT)

Will the sound in the new version work with the sound sent from CU-SeeMe
for the Macintosh?

Is there anyway that I can become an Alpha tester?


W. Stuart Jones
> >I hear all these people on the list talking about v0.65a1 for Windows.
> >I'm running very 0.34b5. How and where do I get a copy of 0.65a1?
> The a1 on the version number means that it is the alpha version which has
> been undergoing testing by a small group of alpha testers during the last 2
> months. Messages concerning the alpha version were suppose to be isolated
> on a separate listserve.
> But the Cornell team has been working on removing numerous bugs from the
> alpha version and should release it to everyone as a beta version during the
> next couple of weeks. The new version will have sound as well as several
> other new features. It should be worth the wait.
> Later,
> Tim Mulkey
> Indiana State University

     Wesley Stuart Jones
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