Re: A report on Live FM Simulcast with CU-SeeMe

paul sentner (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 04:37:56 -0400 wrote:
>This past Sunday we performed an experimental simulcast with CU-SeeMe and
>KSJS 90.5 FM radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. The format was an hour
>long interview of Daniel Fortune on multimedia, technology and CU-SeeMe.
>Imagine if mainstream public and commercial radio provided a simple way for
>the listeners to "watch" and participate with simple technology such as

well..., without CUSeeMe I think the concept is already in place.. it's live
television..and all you need is a TV and a telephone.. ;-)
--but your point is well taken, in that who ever gets through to those live
call-in shows? At least if you can get connected with CUSeeMe, you can at
least type in commentary.