Mike Wilson (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 08:57:23 -0700

If wonder if anyone has heard of this? Hopefully it's just malicious
propaganda...if not...big brother Bill may be watching....

> Fact or rumor? Anyway, here it goes.
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> Subject: Windows 95 Warning on comp.risks, in Information Week
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> Date: Wed, 17 May 95 13:44:40 EDT
> Microsoft officials confirm that beta versions of Windows 95 include a
> small viral routine called Registration Wizard. It interrogates every
> system on a network gathering intelligence on what software is being run
> on which machine. It then creates a complete listing of both Microsoft's
> and competitors' products by machine, which it reports to Microsoft when
> customers sign up for Microsoft's Network Services, due for launch later
> this year.
> "In Short" column, page 88, _Information Week_ magazine, May 22, 1995
> The implications of this action, and the attitude of Microsoft to plan
> such action, beggars the imagination.
> An update on this. A friend of mine got hold of the beta test CD
> of Win95, and set up a packet sniffer between his serial port and the
> modem. When you try out the free demo time on The Microsoft Network, it
> transmits your entire directory structure in background.
> This means that they have a list of every directory (and, potentially
> every file) on your machine. It would not be difficult to have something
> like a FileRequest from your system to theirs, without you knowing about
> it. This way they could get ahold of any juicy routines you've written
> yourself and claim them as their own if you don't have them copyrighted.
> Needless to say, I'm rather annoyed about this.
> So spread the word as far and wide as possible: Steer clear of Windows 95.
> There's nothing to say that this "feature" will be removed in the final
> release.
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