Setup problems... TIA, PAL vs NTSC...

Oystein Saebo (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 17:38:41 -0700 (PDT)


Well, I guess I don't 'cu' and you can defenately not 'seeme'...

My problems:
CU-SeeMe for Windows only work with a picture of 160x120... My camcorder
is a european one... using the PAL format, so I can only choose between
the following screen sizes: 96x72, 192x144, 288x216 and 384x288...

I get some sort of picture, but I since CU-SeeMe cannot choose between
NTSC and PAL as the MS-VideoCapture can, the picture I get is moving,
but really distorted... When I use a NTSC VCR, the picture is just fine,
so I need to be able to switch over to PAL mode somehow...

Any suggestions? I'm using the VideoSpigot card and a PAL camcorder.

Second... I'm using the TIA pseudo-SLIP... I've heard thet this will not
work... Could I use a different pseudo SLIP? If so, where can I get it,
and how do I set it up to work with CU-SeeMe?

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