Re: cuseeme and win95

Glenn Azlin (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 09:46:21 +1000

Yes, CU-SeeMe DOES run on Win95. My first success came about by calling the
old Trumpwsk (ver 2.0) before calling CU-SeeMe. That installed all the
necessaries to satisfy the network protocols. This method also required
driver initialization by AUTOEXEC.BAT (same as would have been done by WWG
3.11). It's fudgy, Win95 sometimes complains, but it does work. I had to
shift all the bits and pieces into the C:\WINDOWS directory as the original
path script is ignored by Win95.

The second success came about by using Win95's own TCP/IP protocols, after
advice from another user. A word of warning at this point... there is a
temptation to edit the protocol.ini file whilst in Win95. Don't do it!!!!

CU-SeeMe 0.65a1 works VERY well under Win95.


>sgutfreund@GTE.COM ... wrote...
>I am running win95 with the alpha version of CUSEEME for
>the PC W0.65a1. But even this version does not
>seem to run on top of Microsofts 32 bit winsock stack.
>Has anyone gotton CUSEEME to work with win95?