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Ernesto Hilton F. (
Thu, 1 Jun 1995 14:58:38 -0600

At 08:17 AM 01/06/1995 -0600, Harold Smith wrote:
>I am running Trumpet Winsock. I know I'm assigned a new address each time I
>log in to my carrier. Does anyone know how I can determine what my newly
>assigned IP address is using Trumpet Winsock?
>Thanks in advance.
If you are using a SLIP connection, it is very common you have a
different IP address each time you log in. To get this IP address do the

While you are Logged in, open your winsock configure screen and
watch the little window that says "IP address". This one will contain ALWAYS
a different address assigned by your local server. Note that you have two IP
address here: One is your server's IP, which should remain constant for
different sessions, and the other is YOUR IP address, not always the same.

Some UNIX servers will display your IP address after the log in
process and immediately before sending the SLIP protocol.

I hope this helps.
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