Re: Win'95

Steve Rogers (
Thu, 1 Jun 95 17:43:07 CDT

> From: (Mike Wilson)
> >
> > Microsoft officials confirm that beta versions of Windows 95 include a
> > small viral routine called Registration Wizard. . . .
> >
> > "In Short" column, page 88, _Information Week_ magazine, May 22, 1995

This quote leaves off the last sentence of the article that says the
user must approve sending the data. I've seen this around the net,
and it seems like a deliberate attempt to obscure the meaning of the
article by selective quoting.

> > An update on this. A friend of mine got hold of the beta test CD
> > of Win95, and set up a packet sniffer between his serial port and the
> > modem. When you try out the free demo time on The Microsoft Network, it
> > transmits your entire directory structure in background.

This is almost certainly false. It doesn't make sense. I'm no fan of
Microsoft, but these rumors are absurd.

Steve R