CUSeeMe Event Web Pages are here

John D. Lauer (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 00:36:25 -0400

Well, the CuSeeMe Event Guide web pages are just about ready for all of you
to use and abuse. Connect and tell me what you think.

Basically these pages were set up as a "TV Guide". When you want to see
what's showing or want to let people know you're showing something this is
the place to go. I know there's an events mailing list but I don't think it
works very well. This is a full-blown web site with a backend database.

Remember, I am not associated with Cornell, White Pine, Michael Sattler, or
anyone else. I did this on my own time with my own resources. So be kind.
If the pages totally suck nobody has to use them. In fact these were really
just a learning experience for me. So if all the work I put into them turns
out to have produced something that's not usable then fine. BUT I think
you'll all like it!

John Lauer