Developers: Hostname?

Terence C. Carroll (
Thu, 1 Jun 95 23:51:30 PDT

I understand that the developers of the PC version of CUSeeMe frequently
read this mailing list, so I hope that they would be able to explain to
me how the hostname is utilized by CUSeeMe. Specifically I am having a
discussion with Interramp support, as to their suggested fix for the
Chameleon software. They recently sent out a mail message to all the
users of Interramp that they have setup a reflector and invite users to
try out CUSeeMe. They suggest on their support homepage that a
workaround for enabling CUSeeMe to work correctly with the Chameleon
software is to change the configuration information to specify a hostname
of 'interramp', and a domain name of 'com' instead of leaving the
hostname blank, and the domain name ''. I tried their
suggested fix, but all the reflectors I tried would not respond
correctly. I have successfully used the method described in this
mailing list, where I setup a host table in the services menu to create a
host file containing all the hostnames and IP addresses for my POP.

My question is that if you specify an arbitrary hostname, will the
CUSeeMe client and reflectors work correctly? Does CUSeeMe use the
hostname for purposeful reasons? The answer to these questions could
help Interramp suggest a better alternative to the method that is
described above.


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