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Yup, I read about it PCWeek. The app scans your harddrive and
determines what apps you are running (who they are registered to), the
size and capacity of your machine. It then sends all this
information, along with your Autoexec.bat and Config.sys to Microsoft.
They say they need this for support. PCWeek says that it's an
invasion of privacy and that they're gathering it to build mailing
lists and to look for software theives. I bet PCWeek is right! I
think Gates is getting a little to cocky in his old age

>If wonder if anyone has heard of this? Hopefully it's just malicious
>propaganda...if not...big brother Bill may be watching....
>> Fact or rumor? Anyway, here it goes.
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>> Subject: Windows 95 Warning on comp.risks, in Information Week
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>> Date: Wed, 17 May 95 13:44:40 EDT
>> Microsoft officials confirm that beta versions of Windows 95 include a
>> small viral routine called Registration Wizard. It interrogates every
>> system on a network gathering intelligence on what software is being run
>> on which machine. It then creates a complete listing of both Microsoft's
>> and competitors' products by machine, which it reports to Microsoft when
>> customers sign up for Microsoft's Network Services, due for launch later
>> this year.
>> "In Short" column, page 88, _Information Week_ magazine, May 22, 1995
>> The implications of this action, and the attitude of Microsoft to plan
>> such action, beggars the imagination.
>> An update on this. A friend of mine got hold of the beta test CD
>> of Win95, and set up a packet sniffer between his serial port and the
>> modem. When you try out the free demo time on The Microsoft Network, it
>> transmits your entire directory structure in background.
>> This means that they have a list of every directory (and, potentially
>> every file) on your machine. It would not be difficult to have something
>> like a FileRequest from your system to theirs, without you knowing about
>> it. This way they could get ahold of any juicy routines you've written
>> yourself and claim them as their own if you don't have them copyrighted.
>> Needless to say, I'm rather annoyed about this.
>> So spread the word as far and wide as possible: Steer clear of Windows 95.
>> There's nothing to say that this "feature" will be removed in the final
>> release.
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