Re: Talk Window - Wintalk solution? better: PowWow

Alain Caillet (acaillet@dowsv01.dow.on.doe.CA)
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 11:23:47 -0400

>>I think by "talk window" people mean a box or white space where they can
>>write messages to each other.

One can use wintalk with CUSeeMe to implement a de facto talk window
for connection PC to PC. I have use CU with a friend trough a reflector
(to have a fixed address to connect as we both are on a dynamic IP) and
at the same time open a Wintalk chat window directly PC to PC after
exchanging the IP in CU.

BTW There is a marvelous new Windows talk program that use
a smart approach to solve the dynamic IP problem, it's
PowWow. If you need a talk window and would like to be able
to talk tp up to 5 participants at the same time AND transfer
file to anyone of them PC to PC get it at:

PowWow ver1.4. It uses people email address (if they don't
have a fixed IP or domain name) to register the user at the time
the program is started, in a registry at where the email
address can be associated with the IP carried by the packet.
A party trying to contact another will have to fire its PowWow
(that is, to register too) and using the email address of
the addressee check the registry for an entry. If one is found
the associated IP is used for making the contact.
This reminiscent of IRC but the registry is not updated
continuously. Direct addressing is also possible (no registry
look up)
The best is yet to come: if Netscape is on on each party PC,
a leader can remote control the loading of URL's in the
other party and embark in a "syncronous group cruising "!
A self maintained "White page directory" at the site,
let you also click on an entry on the page AND get the associated
address load directly in PowWow to this person ! Smart !

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