Re: Developers: Hostname?

Chuck Elliot (
Fri, 02 Jun 1995 12:15:23 -0400

As I understand it, cuseeme uses the hostname as an identifier
for a participant. It does not matter what the hostname is but if
you are assigned one in the DNS it would make sense to use this
in the hosts file. I am not sure if cuseeme is DNS-aware.


>I understand that the developers of the PC version of CUSeeMe frequently
>read this mailing list, so I hope that they would be able to explain to
>me how the hostname is utilized by CUSeeMe. Specifically I am having a
>discussion with Interramp support, as to their suggested fix for the
>Chameleon software. They recently sent out a mail message to all the
>users of Interramp that they have setup a reflector and invite users to
>try out CUSeeMe. They suggest on their support homepage that a
>workaround for enabling CUSeeMe to work correctly with the Chameleon
>software is to change the configuration information to specify a hostname
>of 'interramp', and a domain name of 'com' instead of leaving the
>hostname blank, and the domain name ''. I tried their
>suggested fix, but all the reflectors I tried would not respond
>correctly. I have successfully used the method described in this
>mailing list, where I setup a host table in the services menu to create a
>host file containing all the hostnames and IP addresses for my POP.
>My question is that if you specify an arbitrary hostname, will the
>CUSeeMe client and reflectors work correctly? Does CUSeeMe use the
>hostname for purposeful reasons? The answer to these questions could
>help Interramp suggest a better alternative to the method that is
>described above.
> Terence.
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