Re: CU-SeeMe and Win95

Glenn Azlin (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 09:12:03 +1000

>] >sgutfreund@GTE.COM ... wrote...
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>] >I am running win95 with the alpha version of CUSEEME for
>] >the PC W0.65a1. But even this version does not
>] >seem to run on top of Microsofts 32 bit winsock stack.
>] >
>] >Has anyone gotton CUSEEME to work with win95?
>] >
>] >

Hi... again,

I'm not sure if other programmes, which also use the same protocols, still
work after you upgraded from Win3.x to Win95. If all others still work as
before, it then suggests problems with CU-SeeMe only.

You could try...

1. Confirming that the earlier version (0.34bx) is still functional, and if
not, look to see if it is installed correctly, as it would have been under
Win3.x. (I have a suspicious mind when it comes to alpha versions of
anything... I retain full working copies, under different directory names,
of previously correctly working programmes!)

2. Confirming that the later version is also correctly installed, preferably
in another directory. (eg. cuseeme.34x)

3. If other programmes such as 'winweb', 'netscape', 'mosaic', 'gopher' etc
do not work, then you will have to ensure that Win95 TCP/IP protocols have
been installed. You should be able to add these via 'Control Panel'...
'Network'... 'Configuration'... 'Add'.